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Big Chief Partners
Since the 1990's, Big Chief Partners has provided technology solutions for clients.  In many engagements we figured out software, made it robust, made it usable and made it fit within the client business.  We were repeatedly hired to solve challenging technical problems, implement robust systems, make software usable and optimize software businesses.

That was then.

Now, we've decided to take a hiatus from Big Chief and follow other pursuits.

Alice Lankester is Vice President of Marketing at PhotoBucket (http://www.photobucket.com).  Read Alice's blog at http://blog.photobucket.com.

Peter Winer is principal developer of Video Breakouts (http://www.videobreakouts.com). Peter's personal web site is http://www.pwiner.com.

Our contact information has not changed, so please drop us a line any time.  Who knows?  Perhaps we'll be back under the Big Chief banner some time in the future.